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Массаж для Уитни / Massaging Whitney Westgate (2014)

Массаж для Уитни / Massaging Whitney Westgate (2014)

Название: Massaging Whitney Westgate
Жанр: All sex
В ролях: Whitney Westgate

Описание: Whitney Westgate and her boyfriend Jessy have a special night planned, and Whitney wants to make sure that everything is perfect. To get herself warmed up, she has a nice hot shower, rubbing her pussy as the hot water washes over her toned naked body. Jessy waits for her in the other room, and as she walks in, she catches his eye and then drops her robe, leading him by the hand to the massage table, where he works his way from her ass to her tits to up inside her tight wet pussy. Whitney sucks his fat cock and then takes it balls deep inside her, the action only ending when Jessy unleashes a big cumshot all over Whitney's perfect tanned skin.

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